our story

About the Restaurant:
Jim and Rob’s Fresh Grill is locally owned and operated. It began in 1995 by taking over a little restaurant with only outside seating where the expanded SeaFresh is now. The idea was to serve high quality food at a reasonable price and in a comfortable atmosphere. In 2008 Jim and Rob’s moved to its current location in the new building downtown on Ojai Avenue near Blanche Street.
    In 1995 they came up with the concept of good, fresh Mexican / American food. Fresh Grill has been thriving in the Ojai Valley ever since.

our founders

About the Owners:
Jim has been in the Ojai Valley since the 1960s. He used to own and run Double J market in Meiners Oaks, and Rob worked for him as a boxboy. This is how their relationship started. After Rob went to college he worked for various restaurant corporations managing and running restaurants. He knew how to, and not to, run a business. Jim had retired and had thought about going into business but wasn’t quite sure of what to do. “I remembered Rob, and the kind of person he was, and I thought, this is who I want to start a business with,” Jim said.

our decor

Here at Jim and Rob’s, we enjoy decorating the restaurant with classic images and stories of Ojai’s past, from Independence Day 1916 to the story of Bill Baker's Bakery.

mission, vision, values

We strive to enrich the daily experience of our customers, our community and ourselves by providing satisfying meals and superior service.

Our Values Include:

Demonstrate good character and encourage an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.

Consider the needs of customers, team members and community alike.

Be responsive and innovative. Do whatever it takes to make your customer happy.

Help each other to grow. Contribute to a vibrant and diverse community.

Smile and create a spirit of celebration for your customers.


Step inside Jim and Rob's Fresh Grill for a delicious, delightful sit-down breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We offer comfortable seating inside, or outside on the partially shaded patio, and even seating along Ojai Avenue, where you can watch for classic cars.